The Lord Will Teach You and Guide You in His Calling
May 21, 2016 Sometimes we just have to return to our beginnings in Christ, to the things that He first taught us. This is a timeless message to all believers.
God gave me a vision about growing in His Spirit.
I saw Jesus and I walking down a pathway together. I appeared as a small child and He held me by my hand as He led me. Jesus was teaching me about the things of the Spirit and who He is.
Suddenly, as we continued walking, I appeared as a young adult. Jesus was no longer holding my hand, but He walked closely by my side. As we walked along the pathway, I pointed out to Jesus the things of the Spirit that we would see on the way. There was salvation, evangelism, prayer, healing, deliverance, and both saved and unsaved people. I showed the Lord that He had taught me well.
Then again suddenly, we were still on the pathway but I was now a mature adult. This time Jesus walked with His arm around my shoulders. I walked in His anointing to do the work of His kingdom as He would lead me. He assured me that He would always be present in His power and glory which flows through His body. I could feel there was no greater love.

Vision: Eagle Down

October 14, 2019  As I sat at my computer, I was suddenly watching an eagle fly overhead on a sunny day.  While the eagle was soaring, I saw an arrow was shot from the ground and it struck the eagle.  I watched as the eagle was spiraling, falling to the ground.   I could not see if it was only injured or it was killed.  This vision startled me and I woke still sitting at my computer. 
…….  I knew that the eagle represented America and that the arrow was an attack.   I felt burdened by this sight and asked the Lord to give me further information as to who is planning to attack our country.  An hour later I went back to my computer and came across an article from last week about China celebrating 70 years of communism with the introduction of 2 newly developed weapons of war; a first missile with the capacity to reach the furthest range of distance to most areas of America in 30 minutes from blast off and it’s high speed is designed to maneuver to evade anti-missile defenses.  The weapon is named Dong-feng 41 which translates to “East Wind”. I went to the scriptures to see what they said about the east wind.   The east wind brought judgments.   Biblical interpretation of the bow and arrow is judgment.  However, I did feel that it was an attack but unsure of the method.  I will pray for more understanding. 
January 2020   There is a rapidly highly contagious coronavirus spreading throughout the world.  It began in China in the Wuhan Bio Lab.  China is not openly revealing any necessary information except unverified infection and death counts.  Praying for medications to reverse this new strain of virus.  Countries are locking down their citizens and closing their borders. 
Vision:  Movie Theater Preview
April 2, 2020   “However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.”    John 16:13
 I saw my husband and I going to the movie theater,  We were sitting in our seats waiting for the movie to begin.  There were many people there.  The lights went out and a series of different movie trailers began; family drama, police scenes, war/battles, and science fiction/horror.  I began to get restless about when the movie would start.  I didn’t know what movie we were there to see.  When the trailers ceaseed, the announcements came on, get refreshments, turn off your cell phone, and get ready for the movie to start.  Then the curtain closed.  Within the minute, the curtain opened and all the people (believers and unbelievers) started clapping and standing to their feet, very excited.   As I looked up at the screen, I saw a white cloud covering the earth and I watched as Holy Spirit was hovering around the entire globe.
The Lord is giving us a preview of what’s to come.  While we wait for God to move, we will see a breakdown in family relationships, police involvement, threats of war and civil battles, and things that we had not thought possible.   While we seek God for answers, He brings announcements of direction, times of refreshing, and separation from worldly communications and systems.  Shortly, God will reveal His intervention to the earth and the people that wait on Him will rejoice.  I realized that this had already been happening although the curtain had kept it hidden from our sight until it was time for the move to begin.