The Lord Will Teach You and Guide You in His Calling
May 21, 2016 Sometimes we just have to return to our beginnings in Christ, to the things that He first taught us. This is a timeless message to all believers.
God gave me a vision about growing in His Spirit.
I saw Jesus and I walking down a pathway together. I appeared as a small child and He held me by my hand as He led me. Jesus was teaching me about the things of the Spirit and who He is.
Suddenly, as we continued walking, I appeared as a young adult. Jesus was no longer holding my hand, but He walked closely by my side. As we walked along the pathway, I pointed out to Jesus the things of the Spirit that we would see on the way. There was salvation, evangelism, prayer, healing, deliverance, and both saved and unsaved people. I showed the Lord that He had taught me well.
Then again suddenly, we were still on the pathway but I was now a mature adult. This time Jesus walked with His arm around my shoulders. I walked in His anointing to do the work of His kingdom as He would lead me. He assured me that He would always be present in His power and glory which flows through His body. I could feel there was no greater love.